ONE Guide: How to pick the right watch

25 June 2024

ONE Guide: How to pick the right watch

ONE Guide: How to pick the right watch

Whether you're dressing for work, a formal event, or an adventure, the perfect watch enhances your look and keeps you punctual. Its an investment in a versatile accessory that tells your story, ensuring you're always on time and in style.

  Purpose and Functionality: Determine if you need a watch for daily wear, sports, or special occasions. The average person buys a watch every other year. However, a more fashionable individual can buy more often so that it fits their everyday style

  Style and Design: Select a case size and dial design that suit your wrist and personal style. If you have a small wrist around 30mm or below might make sense vs if you prefer a bulkier look with over 36 mm

  Comfort and Fit: Ensure the watch feels comfortable and fits well. Adjustable straps can offer better comfort. Consider strap materials, leather for elegance, stainless steel for durability (and style if its a chain or elaborated shape), and rubber/silicone for sports

  Movement Type: Decide between quartz for accuracy, mechanical for craftsmanship, automatic for convenience, or even a smartwatch for advanced functions

  Budget and Brand: Set a budget and choose from reputable brands known for its quality and durability. Always Check for warranty - ONE watches offer a 3 year warranty and technical support with watchmakers experts with over 20 years of experience.


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