Care and Maintenance

Read through our suggestions on how to care for and clean your ONE pieces so they can last longer with the same timeless shine.

  • Acidents with analog watches

    In the event of an accident, if the watch experiences a fall or a strong impact, we recommend that you seek our specialized ONE Technical Assistance through Customer Support.

    Even if everything seems normal at first glance, the impact may have compromised the waterproofing of the equipment or even damaged some of the more sensitive internal mechanisms that ensure the accuracy or proper functioning of your watch.

  • Analog watches care and maintenance

  • Jewelry in stainless steel

    All our jewelry pieces are made of stainless steel and to keep their shine and original color, we recommend to:

    • Store your jewelry before engaging in sports or bathing and avoid exposing the products to excessive friction, intense sweating, or physical damage
    • Avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, detergents, chlorine, or other chemical substances
    • Clean the jewelry using a soft-bristle brush or other products specifically designed for steel cleaning. Rinse with water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth
    • When not in use, store the jewelry in the ONE flannel pouch

  • Leather goods

    Care tips to ensure the longevity of your leather product:

    • Always keep leather items dry. Avoid direct contact with wet or oily surfaces to prevent stains and spots.
    • To clean, use a lightly dampened cloth. Do not use chemicals or abrasives to clean the leather item.
    • Handle the item with care and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture, excessive heat, and direct sunlight.
    • To maintain the natural appearance over time, we suggest hydrating the leather by applying a specific conditioner for leather products.
  • Natural stones

    If your ONE piece has natural stones we recommend:
    • Avoid exposing jewelry with crystals, semi-precious stones, and pearls to drastic temperature changes, cosmetics, and ultrasonic cleaning.
    • Clean using a soft-bristle brush, warm water, and mild soap. Then, dry the piece with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Smartwatch battery lifespan

    The battery life of a smartwatch refers to the period during which the battery maintains an acceptable charge capacity to meet daily usage needs.

    As with all batteries, the energy storage capacity of a smartwatch gradually decreases over time due to natural battery wear.

  • Smartwatch average battery life

    The battery life of a ONE Smartwatch varies depending on the model and usage of the device.

    Under normal usage conditions most ONE Smartwatches can last between 3 to 5 days before needing to be recharged. The settings you configure for your smartwatch can optimize the average battery life duration.

  • What affects your Smartwatch battery life?

    • Temperature - Exposure to extreme temperatures, especially excessive heat, can accelerate battery wear and reduce its lifespan.
    • Incomplete charging - Regularly discharging the battery completely can negatively impact its longevity. It is advisable to avoid complete discharges whenever possible.
    • Intensive resource usage - Features that consume more power, such as continuous Heart Rate monitoring, screen brightness level, Always On functionality (available only in models using the ONE TIME PRO app), can reduce battery life if used frequently.
  • How to extend your smartwatch battery

    Proper Charging - Avoid overcharging the Smartwatch. Disconnect the charger as soon as the battery is fully charged
    Occasional full cycles - Although avoiding full cycles is beneficial in daily use, performing a full charge cycle (discharging completely and charging to 100%) every few months can help calibrate the battery
    Control display brightness - Reduce the screen brightness to a comfortable level, as display brightness intensity is one of the main power consumers
    Disable unnecessary features - Turn off features and notifications that you do not regularly use to save battery power
    Avoid extreme temperatures - Do not expose your smartwatch to very high or very low temperatures

    By following these tips, you can extend the battery life of your Smartwatch and ensure better performance over time.

    Keep in mind that it is normal for the battery capacity to gradually decrease with use; however, proper maintenance can help keep the battery in good condition for a longer time.

    INFO - Battery autonomy, charge cycles, and battery lifespan vary depending on usage and the settings predefined by each user.

  • Smartwatch water resistance

    Each watch adn smartwatch in our collection is rated based on its water resistance according to international standards. These ratings are indicated on the smartwatch case in meters (m) or atmospheres (ATM).

    • Avoid exposing the smartwatch to saltwater, high temperatures, or abrasive chemicals that may compromise the seals and water resistance of the equipment.
    • Avoid pressing the smartwatch buttons while submerged underwater.
    • Water resistance may decrease over time due to wear or aging of the seals. Regular checks are important to ensure the longevity and normal functioning of your equipment.